Poul Varming

Dr. Poul Varming is an R&D project manager and principal research scientist at NKT Photonics. He is working at NKT Photonics A/S (formerly IONAS A/S and Koheras A/S) since December 2000. Main work experience is within development and test of single-frequency fiber lasers and amplifiers, UV-writing of FBG’s, and customer specified project work on super-continuum …

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Michał Jachura

Dr Michał Jachura received his PhD in 2018 from the University of Warsaw. He co- authored over 30 scientific articles and conference papers as well as four inventions. He has carried out research in optical and quantum communication with special focus on the photon-starved regime. He has extensive experience in modelling optical communication links, in …

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Teodor Buchner

Dr Teodor Buchner works for the R&D project management office in EXATEL as research specialist, domain expert, project manager and technology broker in area of cybersecurity, telecommunication, including quantum cryptography and quantum sensors. Since 2020 active volunteer supporter of Polish Ministry of Education and Science in QCI Sherpa activities, aiming at introduction of Quantum Communication …

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Rob Thew

Rob Thew is a senior researcher and group leader of the Quantum Technologies group at the University of Geneva. He studied at the University of Queensland in Australia, and received his PhD from the University of Geneva, Switzerland. Rob Thew is an expert in quantum communication, spanning fundamental to applied topics, and from technology development …

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Antonio Manzalini

Antonio Manzalini received the M. Sc. Degree in Electronic Engineering from the Politecnico of Turin (Italy) and the PhD (cum Laude) from Sorbonne Universités (France). In 1990 he joined Telecom Italia (formerly CSELT) where he was involved in innovation activities on technologies and architectures for optical networks. He actively participated in standardization, mainly in ETSI …

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