NKT Photonics

Patrick Montague

Dr. Patrick Montague has a PhD in Physics studying femtosecond-duration, pulsed fibre lasers and amplifier systems, and a Bachelors in Optoelectronics. He is the Head of the Future Technologies group at NKT Photonics, managing the company’s publicly co-funded research projects to develop innovative new technologies for future products.

Poul Varming

Dr. Poul Varming is an R&D project manager and principal research scientist at NKT Photonics. He is working at NKT Photonics A/S (formerly IONAS A/S and Koheras A/S) since December 2000. Main work experience is within development and test of single-frequency fiber lasers and amplifiers, UV-writing of FBG’s, and customer specified project work on super-continuum …

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